June 29

Maths in Year 4

This term, the Year 4’s have been exploring Geometry and shape in Maths. As a part of a homework task, students were asked to apply what they have learnt by using recycled items from home to combine and create something or make a poster identifying different types of shapes (regular and irregular). We were amazed at the effort put in by students and are excited to share what they came up with.

June 29


Students in Year 4 have been working hard on their writing. Here is an example of a thought provoking snapshot written by Lucy in 4E.

As I feel the beautiful soft breeze against my chin, I slowly see the lovely calm sunrise peaking behind the clouds. I just fall in love. I calmly and quietly keep walking, and then I see a flock of white fluffy doves sitting on my Mum’s car. When I thought my day could not get any better there she was, my best friend Drew. Well, I keep walking on. I suddenly see the same doves. I wonder what they do all day. Do you think they get bored? I wonder, I wonder, I wonder?

By Lucy 4E